Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Little Advice

My brother, Randy Ueckert, and I remember so many good times at the East Bernard Tennessee Gas "camp" during our young years with your grandparents, but one stands out for Randy. Mr. Brewer "Pappy" didn'thave a boy, so shall I say, he took him "under his wing" giving him advice on how "not" to let women take advantage of him. He "preached" to him, all the while spitting out that "Beechnut" and telling him not to let a girl get the better of him. He told him not to ever buy a girl an expensive gift, because you will never get it back. That made me smile on our way from Bellville where Randy lives to the funeral, simply BECAUSE all three of his girls, Rosemary, Lynn and Susan had him wrapped around their little fingers. He loved each of them in his own special way. Please take care of your grandmother, she is dear to all of us Ueckerts.

Love, Cheryl Ueckert Brown

Thanks for the memory Cheryl. BV

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